Every story (or rant, in this case) begins somewhere. Ours started with a problem: change the negative perceptions others have of the millennial generation.

One of us was a bitter college student, who was fed up with being perceived as a naïve millennial. The open letters weren’t helping to change this stigma either. Where was the original, thought-provoking content? So he found other students who felt the same, and we used that bitterness to invent an alternative medium.

We quickly bonded over our rebellious spirits – and we went to work challenging the status quo.

Instead of merely starting a content company, we created a community – where the brilliant voices of our generation are championed.

Our goals are simple: 1) change perspectives 2) reach other bitter students 3) and help them reach their graduation days by delivering relevant, higher-quality content.

In our (rare) spare time, we are five foodies in search of new eateries and local IPA drinkers.

More than partners, we are friends who hope to distribute valuable content to our generation and make a dent in the future.

We hope you’ll get bitter with us! Get ready though, because we’re changing things!

--The Original Bitter Students


Birmingham Business Journal


For media or advertising inquries, please email us at staff@thebitterstudent.com


Not Pictured: 

Jackson Collier, University of Central Arkansas | Editor-in-Chief & Managing Editor

Thomas Roane, Birmingham-Southern College | Editorial Intern

Hannah Smith, Birmingham-Southern College | Social Media & Community Engagement Intern