VP Debate Recap

VP Debate Recap

The first and only Vice Presidential debate was held last night between Secretary Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine (D-VA) and Donald Trump’s running mate Mike Pence (R-IN).

Tim Kaine is a former governor and current senator from Virginia. His resume includes being fluent in English and Spanish, as well as being a gun owner and has a son in the military. 

Mike Pence is a former Congressman and the current governor of Indiana. His firm stances on education, immigration, and defending the second amendment appealed to Donald Trump enough to select him as a running mate, as well as his son being in the Marine Corps.

Vice Presidential candidates are typically seen as “enforcers” during the general election process, which means they vehemently defend their campaign’s platform and don’t hold back from being or sounding more aggressive. Last night proved that.

In the beginning of the debate, it was hard for viewers to even understand what positions each candidate held because they continuously kept talking over each other. Bickering was also constant, but we were left with a few plans being laid out and stances being clarified.

Governor Kaine:

·       Invest in clean energy, workforce, infrastructure

·       Promote economic fairness with an increased minimum wage and equal pay for equal work for women

·       Protect social security and never privatize

·       Community policing

·       Recognize bias in law enforcement

·       Bipartisan immigration reform

·       Keep families together

·       Border control

·       Path to citizenship

Governor Pence:

·       Lower taxes

·       End war on coal

·       Repeal Obama executive orders

·       Trade deals that put American workers first

·       Community policing

·       Don’t play politics with tragedy

·       End illegal immigration

·       Work out deal with hard-working immigrants


Governor Pence pushed that Secretary Clinton and Governor Kaine wanted to raise taxes by the millions. Governor Kaine shot back by saying that the Trump and Governor Pence tax plan would only benefit the millionaires and would actually raise taxes for the middle class.

Russia and North Korea: 

Pence responded by stating Russian aggression must be met with, "Strength."

Kaine discussed his opinions on the Trump Campaign having close ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin.


According to a poll on CNN, 48% of viewers believed that Pence won the debate, while 42% believed Kaine did.


Both candidates carried similar demeanors of calmness, but would constantly interrupt each other, though neither one ever raised his voice. Pence did appear to have a calmer manner and a more level speaking voice than did Senator Kaine.

The next debate is scheduled for Sunday, October 9, at 9:00 p.m. EST.

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