#FreshFriday, Week 1

#FreshFriday, Week 1

As the Bitter Student is coming to life, and you’re checking out our new website, we thought a good way to start you off would be to share some of the looks we're loving for our female readers. In the coming weeks, we'll do our best to provide you with our favorite looks of the day. Gentlemen, don’t fret! We’ll have some cool stuff for you as well. Keep an eye out for new outfit ideas on our featured #FreshFridays. 

1. Over-the-knee boots: Price Varies

These boots are cute and “in”! There was an early spring predicted, so some of you might not be sure about these tall boots, but throw on a romper or a dress and you’ll have the perfect outfit for the upcoming cool spring days when it’s cold enough for boots, but warm enough for a shorter hem.


2. Contemporary Tonal Surplice Top: $19.90 in mauve

We’re loving these slouchy shirts that seem to be everywhere! Pair it with a pencil skirt for work (don’t be too revealing). Add black jeans and boots, and you’re ready for a night on the town!


Bright tennis shoes are always something we’re into. How cute are these blue ones? Why go for basic black or white when you can add some color to your outfit in such a simple way? Most tennis shoes are $100+, but if you check out your local Nordstrom rack you're likely to find some really nice tennis shoes that still fit a tight budget.

4. Kat Von D's Everlasting Liquid Lipstick: $20

Here at the BS, we’re suckers for red lipstick - especially darker shades. Lately we’ve also been into matte everything - matte nails, lips, and even cars! This formula is meant to stay on all day, and if you’re not one for darker red, it comes in some 15 other colors as well.

5. Heartbeat Song Backless Lace dress (in navy and black): $54

Everyone needs a beautiful dress for a night out with the girls or a hot date, and this is just one great example. The black and navy color combination looks great here, and the lace gives this dress the unique touch that’ll help you turn some heads.



6. Carra Turtleneck: $39.95 ($68.00)

Cowl neck and slouchy turtleneck sweaters are a go-to. They’re stylish enough not to need a necklace - throw on some earrings and you’re ready to go! They’re an updated version of that tight itchy turtleneck you used to wear when you were little - this one in particular is no longer for sale at Anthropologie, but you can really find them anywhere. Charming Charlies has a great one for under $20!

7. Caged-Cutout Bralette: $5.90 in white

Forever 21 is the BEST place to find clothes for that on-trend moment without breaking your bank. We love the look of having bralettes slightly poking out to give a hint of lace, or the criss-cross in this case.


8. Longline Ribbed Knit Sweater: $17.80 in blue

Big sweaters - the easiest way to dress up and still feel like you’re in your pajamas! Leggings and combat boots are our favorite way to wear these sweaters for lazy days. We love the bright blue color of this one, but it is also available in black and white for those of you who prefer to stick to the basics. Black or white are also good if you need something toned down to go with a bright colored scarf.

9. Kendra Scott charms: $9.97 on sale

If you haven’t heard of Kendra Scott, we dare you to go online and not fall in love with everything you see. Right now, Kendra has their charms on sale. This updated version of the charm bracelet you had when you were still on the playground is to die for, and for all my sorority ladies, they have greek letters too! Put these on one of their chains in any length and wear it as your staple piece.

10. Zippered Utility Jacket: $39.90

Utility Jackets are a great look in this navy blue. Stay tuned for a later post on how to incorporate these into your outfit!

The BS Spring Break Playlist!

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