Our Secret Sauce

Our Secret Sauce


There are sites like ours that produce content for their readers, and although we are not here to bash any entity – we are here to point out what makes us different, what’s in our secret sauce, respectively. 

1. Quality, not quantity.

We realize there is a correlation between the amount of content we crank out and the amount of traffic that peruses our site. More content = more traffic. More traffic = more advertising dollars.

However, we also must remember that magazines can compromise the integrity of their publication when they allow quantity to trump quality.

This is why we strive to produce quality content that is consistently published every Wednesday. We believe that starting small and focusing on high-quality content is the best approach to helping our readers.

2. Editing, editing, and more editing!

Thorough editing is of the utmost importance to us. We simply cannot create eloquent content without it.

Do you find yourself fretting over comma splices, fragmented sentences, or any other general errors in your work? No worries!

Our editorial staff works directly with contributors to revise, tweak, and perfect pieces.

Think of us as your own personal editors. We’ve got your back!

3. Substance

Lists are great, y’all! We are all the better for some of the lists bloggers make. So, we do appreciate that sometimes – listing is necessary. However, it should not be a necessity.

The content we publish is chalk full of meaning, purpose, and lessons learned. We publish pieces that inspire us to think differently. We often share these stories through a lighthearted lens – using wit and humor to soften sensitive, serious topics.

Lists, God bless them, aren’t always full of substance.

4. Stories

“I’m not a good writer!”

Nonsense! Everyone has a voice, and everyone has a story.

We believe that it is through stories we understand the world and even ourselves better.

Tip: we aren’t concerned with the novelty of pieces. If you believe you aren’t the next Hemingway because you feel you have nothing special to offer the reader – you should still write! Mark Twain once said:

“There is no such thing as a new idea.”

What is unique is your voice, experiences, insights and stories. Draw on those. Use those elements to communicate your message in the way you only can.

5. Multi-media

Stories should not be told through a single medium. Thus, The BS is not just a space for writers. We also exist for videographers and photographers. Anyone with a smartphone nowadays can snap photos and shoot videos. Essentially, most Americans are carrying high definition cameras in their pockets that can be turned horizontally to create stunning short clips, documentaries, interviews, and the list goes on. We invite you to think outside the box and incorporate other mediums into your story telling, or even use all of those channels simultaneously.

6. Design

Design is very essential to us. From the look and feel of our space to the font style we use in our articles – we are always searching for ways to make The Bitter Student visually appealing. Moving forward, we will continue to keep design at the forefronts of our minds because not only should the content be eloquent – our overall appearance should be, as well.

This is who we are. This is what we call our secret sauce that sets our community apart. These are some of our core values that make us unique and different and distinctive.

We know if we did not foster these key distinctions either, among others, we would be doing our community a great disservice.

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