Metal Fashion: Professional and Trendy

Metal Fashion: Professional and Trendy

You may have noticed metal fashion slowly creeping into our daily wear and making a glinting statement, especially in the clothes of those edgy individuals who love their pinks but still enjoy a bit of metal and leather. Why, what’s wrong with that?

The play on hard and soft has recently become influential in the fashion industry, and we love how easily we can implement it in our daily outfit choices, especially professional wear. 

Here, a breakdown of our favorite lookbooks with metal undertones will quench your metal soul thirst and help you look absolutely stunning (while keeping the daytime cool, too).


Leather pants or leggings paired with your skyscraper high heels and your retro Lennon shades have never turned as many heads as they are today. Add a highlight of rose blonde hair and maybe you’ll catch a few more jealous looks while you’re at it - strands of more ordinary shades work too (black, dark brown, blonde, what have you). Cotton ombre shirts or loose tops will work perfectly with leather skirts. If you don’t want to divorce your daytime chic from your commitment to metal, all it takes is an upgrade to your edgy base look with a smart blazer. When you leave the office, undo the hair and remove the jacket. Easy!

Your leather obsession is finally getting the acceptance it longed for years ago, perhaps due to its inclusion in a more modern fashion taste. Unlike biker leather that was commonly associated with greasy hair, these days, leather is a statement to strength, edge and a style so daring nobody can go against it! 

When used as a daytime choice, your leather should be added in accents rather than dominatrix statements. Give your office style a little pop by wearing a leather peplum top and a skirt with a silk or lace overcoat. Let the shoes be neutral, just so you don’t take it over the top. The makeup and hair should be neutral, too – the base leather is statement enough. You can always give your outfit a daring spark with a checkered belt or a bag, just so everyone knows who they are dealing with.

An outfit in vice versa works well, too; a base in a neutral fabric and a black leather blazer/jacket/overcoat to give your fashion a metal shine. Leather boots work perfectly, as well – with almost anything. Add accessories that evoke a metal feel: skulls, crosses, or moons. 

For a totally casual daytime look, you’ll score with leather leggings and a statement tee expressing support for your favorite band. A pop of metal-appropriate jewelry will seal the deal.



Colors, colors, colors and just a bit of leather and metal. We love how metal and retro combine in daring combos - ocean blue leather leggings paired with ultra pink blazers and nude tops. Complement this with jewelry that’ll give these ensembles a slightly lighter, feminine undertone. 

For events that need to be stripped of hard, harsh tones (weddings, christenings, your parents’ anniversary, etc), retro rockstar fashion may be your best bet; outfits like an elegant sleeved dresses paired with a leather belt or jacket will look gentle, but different. When you add chic jewelry, you’ll ooze daring elegance beyond comparison. 

Enjoy your metal chic, and channel it to your liking! 

About the Author:

Claire Hastings is a designer and a style writer. She has authored written works for as long as she can remember, and she is very passionate about fashion, running, different cultures, and her cat.

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