E-Term (Jan-Term) Stories: Share Your Experience

E-Term (Jan-Term) Stories: Share Your Experience

Are you taking a unique class during E-Term, trekking cross-country, studying abroad, or working at a firm for internship credit? The Bitter Student -- an online, multimedia magazine -- is offering an exclusive opportunity for students to share their E-Term stories and experiences through multimedia content such as podcasts, short films, nonfiction, essays, reflections, etc.

For instance, three juniors are trekking cross-country and recording their experience on a GoPro that we will then publish. 

Why share your experiences? 

1-       Portfolio

When a hiring manager asks for your portfolio – she wants to see writing samples and visual aids that illustrate you can communicate clearly and effectively. If you don’t have those samples – you likely won’t land the internship. 

2-       Exposure

This is not only a great way to hone your writing and video editing skills, but it’s also a great way to get noticed by an audience for your work.

3-       Contest

Your work will be featured as a part of the E-Term series, and one winner will be selected (contest rules below). The winner will receive a $15 Visa Gift Card.

Contest Rules and FAQ:

•       The deadline to submit a finalized draft is 02/10/17. 

•       Our community will vote on the winner, then our team will tally the votes.

•       The number of shares an article or video gets on social media will also determine who wins.

•       Any form of multimedia content can be submitted (written works, podcasts, short films, photos, etc.).

•       The angle you take is up to you; however, we encourage you to share stories or experiences you had during E-term that you believe others will find interesting and unique.

•       Don’t feel like you can write well? No worries. We offer free and thorough editing services as well as story coaching.

•       Reflection papers on your E-term course that are graded by your professor can also be entered unless the paper includes proprietary information.

For next steps and more information, simply slide into our DM’s. Don't worry, we don't bite:  staff@thebitterstudent.com

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