Disunity and Dissension in America

Disunity and Dissension in America

In case you have not frequented Facebook as of late, you’ll need to know for context purposes that every other post includes a statement along these lines: “JUST UNFRIEND ME NOW IF…”

This is important to know because some folks have made it clear that unless you are on their side politically – then IT’S OVER.



Why are we choosing sides? And why is it that if you’re not on my side, I automatically hate you by default?

The disunity and dissension must stop.

Relationship decisions are one of the most important choices you’ll ever make in your life. Don’t sever them because of political differences (more on this later). 

In fact, hang out and debate with those who disagree with your perspective. Listen carefully to both sides of the aisle. Be able to argue the other side so well that you are confident your opposing opinion was correct in the first place.  

If you want to attract others to your viewpoint, cutting ties won’t help you. Instead, tell your story. Give a heart and a soul to the issues in which you believe; it’s amazing how quickly perspectives can change once a person and his or her story is attached to a political issue.

Whatever your political stance, foster a dialogue and voice your opinions. Pray that God blesses our nation – but also be an active participant in our democracy. We are fortunate enough to live in a country run by “We the People.”

Don't use your position as a platform to influence others' thoughts. I am grateful for professors who don’t intentionally impose their views on me; whereas, those who constantly bring their worldview into the discussion do not make me want to side with them if I have differing opinions. It even makes me happier I disagree with them. I might write my papers in their viewpoint, but it doesn’t always mean I share their beliefs.

My involvement in Student Government Association has taught me that sometimes, people are going to disagree with me. But that’s okay. I’ve also realized that when I have an unpopular opinion, I still need to express it – even if my voice shakes, and even if I’m nervous what others will think about me. Because here’s the thing: I’ve also learned that if someone tries to silence or hates me by default, then that’s their own prerogative. For my good, I remind myself to never walk away from our discussions thinking of someone as any less due to the fact they voted differently than me on a matter.

Additionally, I impore you to not question peoples’ morals, integrities as friends or family members, or values because of for whom they voted.

I would encourage you to restore those relationships that have been dissolved over political differences. Life is too short not to live at peace with others. Relationships matter. People matter.

Participate in respectful debate with your friends and family, but leave your differences at the table.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts, comments, questions, concerns in the comments below. I will try my best to respond to each person. 


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