TGIT! Affordable, Quality Wines for College Students

TGIT! Affordable, Quality Wines for College Students

It’s Thursday! The week is almost finished, which means the weekend will once again serve as a temporary escape from responsibilities and #adulting. Right about now, nothing sounds better than a nice glass of wine with our feet propped up and a good book, but alas, we’re broke college students. How can we possibly enjoy these sweet libations with such a skinny wallet? We’ve got you covered. Here’s our breakdown of tasty, budget-friendly wines.

Box Wines:

When I think of wine that can fit in my budget, I immediately think of box wines. Three-plus liters of worthy consumption all at once. Bota brand would be a safe choice for consistency throughout all variations of wine.

Red: For a nice red box, the Bota Cabernet Sauvignon hits the spot. With the three liter normally being priced under $20 (three bottles for the price of one!), it is affordable for virtually every college student.

White: The Bota Sauvignon Blanc also comes in at under $20 and has an even sweeter taste than Pinot Grigio.

Red Wines:

For those who prefer not to drink wine out of a box but rather feel classy opening a bottle, have no fear. Here are our staff choices for red wines:

Handsome Devil, Red Blend: With an average price of $10 a bottle and being on sale at Target, this is a must.

Falesco Merlot Umbria: Rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it? Your taste buds will make your tongue dance in ecstasy with this Italian vino. Your wallet will be dancing, too, with a price as low as $12.

Mark West Pinot Noir: Simple name. Simple game. $10 a bottle with a pedigree. This wine won a silver medal in the 2017 California State Fair Wine Competition.

White Wines:

No, we didn’t forget about you chardonnay and pinot grigio lovers out there.

Kendall-Jackson “Vintner’s Reserve” Pinot Grigio: At $15 a bottle, this well-known winery from California proves you can have all the class without all the cash.

Sonoma Vineyards Sonoma County Chardonnay: Another wine at $15 a bottle straight from wine country, USA.

Yellow Tail Moscato: Australia is the land down under and produces quality vino with prices that are way down under the typical bottle. This wine is no exception at under $10 a bottle.

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