December College Checklist

December College Checklist




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December is the month when you look back and reflect on the year that’s behind you. You think about all the things that happened, people you’ve met and worked with, and things you did. It’s the time when you finish the things you started and also the time when you start making plans for the year ahead. For college students, this is the wonderful time when you get to go back and spend time with your family. Still, before you do so, there are things you should think about and take care of in order to have peace of mind.

Eat good food



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We all know that students live on strict diets of noodles, pizza, and beer, and even though this may sound like a dream come true, after awhile you start missing your mom’s cooking. This is why holidays are the best: all those family Christmas dinners and a chance to finally eat a decent meal you won’t have to prepare or pay for yourself. Still, it might be a good idea to hang out in the kitchen as often as you can and give your mom a hand. Not only will she be very grateful for you, but you will be able to spend some quality time with her and perhaps even pick up a few cooking tricks you can later use to impress your friends (or dates).

Work out


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After all those delicious meals you’re about to eat comes a time when you will curl up in a fuzzy ball, tuck your soft blanket around and spend hours watching movies and TV shows on Netflix. As wonderful as this sounds, your metabolism will slow down so much that you’ll probably have problems to fit into your favorite pair of jeans after a couple of weeks. This is the reason why you should work out more while you’re on holidays – to help your body deal with all those delicious dinners and so that you can look bomb when you go to New Year’s Eve parties later.

Revamp your CV



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You may fret about your lectures now, but soon enough you’ll be out there job-hunting, and it’s good to be prepared. Use these holidays to revamp your documents: CV, cover letters and essays, internship resume, etc. You never know when you’re going to need your updated documents because opportunity may present itself when you least expect it. Use these peaceful times to work hard on your important documents and add extra information.

Health check



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Being an adult means that you stop asking for parents to schedule your doctor’s appointments and you start doing it yourself. However, this means that you’ll probably end up avoiding to make appointments altogether, which is a bad thing. This December, make a list of things you need to do and doctors which you should see: an OB-GYN for your annual exam, a dentist to make sure your teeth are healthy, and a doctor for physical examination, too. Dealing with your root canal in Sydney is a good idea, as you can easily find affordable dentists who will be able to help you. That way, you can recover in time to get back to classes soon.

When you come home for holidays it’s “lazy mode on” for most of the time, but you should make an effort to do something useful, too. Naps and delicious home cooked meals are the best, but if you do something so stay productive and active too, you will be able to get back on track when you get back to university and not have to go through that painful transitional period where you struggle to do your assignments and attend lectures after being lazy for weeks.


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