Smart Guide to Tattoo Decision Making

Smart Guide to Tattoo Decision Making

This form of body art has been around for a while now and continues to provoke a variety of reactions. Some see it as an expression of a person’s creativity and interests, while others believe it’s a great way to honor someone or something they hold dear. However, there are also those who associate it with criminals and life on the edge. If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, you shouldn’t make that decision without getting all the necessary information. From the style and design, to motives for getting one and physical and social consequences you might encounter, here’s what you should know before you choose to go under the needle.

Do Your Research

Tattooing is safe, provided that you choose the right studio and the right artist. It’s the same as with any other surgical or cosmetic treatment – you need a reputable person to do the job! Research your artist before you decide to trust them with your body. Artists usually have shots of their work displayed in the studio or online, and you can also read reviews of their customers on various social media. Your body deserves a smart investment, so take your time and explore all the options before you find the right one.

A Wise Choice

If you’re altering your body forever, you need a good reason for it. For all too many, tattoos are merely a result of drunken nights or hasty decisions made in youth. For others, tattoos have a deeper meaning; they are used to mark the value of a certain person, period of life or aspect of personality. Tattoos aren’t something you want to do in a hurry – you need to be 100% sure that it’s something that you’ll wear proudly on your skin for the rest of your life.

Physical Care

Getting a tattoo requires proper care afterwards. You might expect irritation and redness in the first few days, so you need to keep it clean and moisturized. The skin needs time to heal so it’s essential to follow the directions of an expert. If you notice any sign of infection, immediately visit a doctor.

The Taboo

Throughout history, tattooing has been associated with criminal activity, prisons, and people who live on the social margins. The negative connotations prevail today, although to a significantly lower extent, since tattooing has become quite common, particularly among celebrities and other public figures. At one time, tattoos would have minimized your chances of getting a good job due to their negative connotation, but even this is changing today. However, if your tattoo becomes too great an obstacle on your road to social or business success, or impairs your physical health in any way, you can remove it. The author of this article actually had a similar experience and opted for tattoo removal in Parramatta, her home town. She was more than satisfied with the results. When choosing the right tattoo removal clinic, make sure that you consult people around you, and go to a reliable one.

Style and Design

In the vastness of tattoo styles and designs, you’d want to choose something personal and original. Depending on your motives, a tattoo should represent something that’s important in your life, whether it’s a person, a time spent with someone, or a life motto that best describes you. Bear in mind that your desires can’t always meet the real outcome so it’s important to consult with the artist about whether it’s possible to get what you want. The most important part is that the tattoo reflects your personality and history.


Listen to the advice of the artist when deciding where to put your tattoo. Although places like ribs and the side of your feet and fingers are quite popular now, they can also be difficult to approach to with a needle and might be more painful. Also, there’s a higher chance of tattoo breaking down and becoming blurred due to skin exfoliation on those spots. If you’re getting a tattoo for the first time, it’s a good idea to choose a subtle spot. Furthermore, the social circles also influence the choice of location, so it’s up to you to decide whether you want a tattoo on a place that can be easily covered with clothes.


 Tattoos can be done all year round, but your lifestyle and skin condition determines the best time for you. Excessive sweating and sun exposure are bad for tattoos, so you might want to refrain from going under the needle during summer.

Getting a tattoo means leaving a permanent mark on your body, so it isn’t something that should be rushed into. Once you’ve made up your mind and done your research, if you really want it, go for it!

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No, I am not Getting my MRS Degree.

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