Perfetto Brands: Capstone Project to LLC

Perfetto Brands: Capstone Project to LLC

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There are some who set out to start a company, and then there are some who inadvertently do so. Well, Perfetto Brands was the latter, born out of the requirement of a senior capstone project at Birmingham-Southern College. The project: within the team you were assigned, take $500 in seed money and create and run a business for three weeks.

The Perfetto Team:

When our team initially met, two of us had previously been in a project together, while one of us had never met the other two in his life. Our group was a hodge-podge: Scott was a makeup artist, Meredith played in the school marching band and I, Dallas, played on the school soccer team. On the surface, it looked like chemistry could be an issue. Our interests were so different. Surprisingly, the three of us seamlessly worked together as team.

The Idea:

Scott (the cosmetic specialist) threw out a singular idea: sugar scrubs. Now I, a guy with zero background in cosmetics, had no idea what he meant. Meredith knew exactly what Scott was talking about and was all about the idea. I looked at him, completely clueless, and said, “You’re going to have to translate; I have no clue what sugar scrubs are.” Scott explains that we can make the product ourselves, quickly and efficiently, our profit margins would likely be very good, and it would supply a demand in the cosmetology industry.

Money talks. I understood the value of his idea. After five minutes, we decided we wanted to hedge our entire degree on sugar, lip, and body scrubs. Can you say, “stressful?”

We then chose our name, Perfetto Polish.

(Ps: we have since rebranded to Perfetto Brands, more on that later).

Driving the Struggle Bus:

The three-week process was long and difficult. The night before our monies and spreadsheets were due, we spent hours shouting numbers at each other trying to figure out where a $19.58 difference was in our accounting books. Three hours of non-stop, “$18!”, “18!”, “17.68!”, “17.68!” and so on. Eventually we located the mistake…a ghost purchase. We didn’t collect the money from a customer, but our system had indicated we had. Oops!

From Struggle to Success:

The overall project itself was a success; Perfetto Polish had become an empire within BA499, our capstone project class. We turned our $500 seed money into over $3,000 in sales in just three weeks.

Our collaborative efforts led to Perfetto Polish receiving the Stump Entrepreneurship Award, an award given to a company with the best overall, viable project. And instead of resting our laurels, we decided to stay in business.

What We’ve Been Up To:

After the capstone project ended, we incorporated, rebranded to Perfetto Brands, reformulated some of our products, and added a new product: bath bombs! And as much as I thought I’d never use these products, I have and can attest to the amazing results.

We all have new careers in three separate states, but we continue to hustle to make this idea a reality. We care about our customers, and we make every product to order.

By no means can we say, “Momma, we made it” because we haven’t, but we are well on our way.

-Dallas C.

On behalf of The Perfetto Founders

Scott, Meredith & Dallas

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