A DIY Valentine's Day Guide

A DIY Valentine's Day Guide


If you’re all “shopped out” after all the holidays and celebrations, worry not lovelies, you’re not alone, and it’s perfectly normal to feel a little thirsty for inspiration when it comes to February the 14th. It was difficult enough to find a perfect Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year’s bundle to begin with, and of course you want to impress your boy/girlfriend once again.

To that end, let’s dive into the creative world of DIYs, where you can hand-make your own gift depending on your partner’s preferences, and instead of another shopping spree turn your day into a fun arts and crafts session to surprise and treat your loved ones!

Personalize your memories



There’s this lovely tutorial on how you can make a camera-shaped photo album, but you don’t have to limit yourself to this one idea. Actually, it’s best to brainstorm before such a major project, and then pick a shape that best describes your relationship. It can be something classic, such as a heart, but also something quirky such as a paw. Get a decent stack of cardboard, coloring material (watercolors, crayons, markers, you name it), cute embellishments such as buttons or stickers, colorful paper, string and glue, and go nuts!

A cool pop-up Valentine card



It’s sweet, it’s cute and it will surely make them smile, so you cannot go wrong with a traditional Valentine’s Day card, except you’ll finally be able to say: I made it myself! You can find a whole slew of fun printables to use, like these polka-dot envelopes, and with just a little bit of precise cutting, gluing and connecting, you’ll have one of the sweetest and simplest gifts for this special day.

Jar up your love

Consider it a modern take on an old-fashioned message in a bottle. All you need is a nice glass jar with a fun lid (but keep in mind you can decorate it yourself, as well), lots of colorful papers, pens and a little bit of string. Now, take a deep breath and pour out your love in the form of short, cute messages you’ll write and pack into the jar. Every time you’re apart, your partner can take one out and enjoy your Valentine’s gift well-past the date!

Belly-friendly treats



Sure, gifts in the form of material things are always welcome, but sometimes giving your lover a memorable and fun experience trumps anything with a bow. Create a magical atmosphere with some scented candles, your favorite music, and then serve your healthy homemade muffins that you can enjoy savoring together! This coconutty treat is delicious, gut-friendly, easy to make and it will make your Valentine’s Day all the sweeter.

Snow globes


snow globe.jpg

Yup, you don’t have to spend hours at a cheesy souvenir shop to find the ideal snow globe for your Valentine. On the contrary, you can make your own, and dazzle your sweetheart with such a cool gift! All you need is yet another cute jar (you can easily use the same one that you’d want for your message gift), some faux snow and cute heart-shaped cutouts to be the centerpiece of your globe. Of course, you can always purchase the cutouts as well or print and cut your own, just make sure they fit well in your jar of choice!

Candy piñatas

If both of you cannot resist a juicy box of chocolates and treats, then this little experiment will make Valentine’s day even more fun and exciting. Before you invite your partner over, place your heart-shaped piñatas strategically all over your home so that you can extend your playtime for as long as there are treats falling out! Make sure you get enough crepe paper, cute letter cutouts for your messages and of course, your favorite candy bars to fill the piñatas!

In your own words

If we’re talking about a serious commitment, and if you wish to express your love and appreciation in a more meaningful manner, why not write a love letter? This is a beautiful way to express your feelings, commemorate the occasion and still put a lot of creative effort into your gifts. From the writing process to making the perfect envelope and all the way to picking the right add-ons to decorate it, you’ll have a blast and you’ll also impress your partner for this love-filled day.



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