Bernie Sanders Candidate Profile [Opinion]

Bernie Sanders Candidate Profile [Opinion]

Since the old man with the heavy Brooklyn accent announced his candidacy, Bernie Sanders has been connecting with young voters across the country since midway through last year. He brings a new energy and a new ideology that all young voters have been relating to.

It truly is astonishing how much support he has from the youth of this nation, considering he is a lifetime politician and, frankly, an old man. The youth support Sanders because of several fundamental aspects of his platform; they hope that he can bring about change and excitement in this country again, very similarly to the way President Barack Obama did in the 2008 election.

There is a new wave of voters this election cycle that are voting for the first time. Throughout history, first-time voters haven’t shown up to vote in overwhelming numbers, but so far through the first two primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire that has changed. This generation is excited about politics and the fact that they now have a voice, and they want to be heard.

These voters, bordering adolescence and adulthood, might support Sanders for his promises for free universal healthcare, for tuition-free public colleges and universities, or to hold the extremely wealthy accountable, but there are some things bigger than any policy, legislation, or ideology he may put forward.

Sanders is an honest politician and one that refuses to be bought by corporate interests. These new voters are at the age where identifying hypocrisy is truly a second language. When this new generation of voters watches the news and sees how Clinton has changed her views on issues and earned millions of dollars for speaking fees, how many of the Republicans are bashing different ethnic groups and never focusing on the issues at hand in the country, and how Sanders has stayed consistent in his views and shown compassion to everyone, they know who identifies with them the best.

Young people are feelers, wanting to do good around the world and give equal opportunity to everyone. Sanders is a feeler as well. His policies come from what he feels should be necessities, such as universal healthcare and tuition-free college. These are not exclusive according to Sanders; they are rights of citizens.

Sanders is a modern day FDR, and his views are in line with those of FDR, as Sanders’ policies are in line with one of the most famous FDR quotes: “The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.”

Sanders is well known for being a progressive during his tenure in Congress and the Senate, and he has long fought for raising the minimum wage, free education, and free healthcare, which all aim towards providing enough for those who have too little.

Regardless of how effective or ineffective his policies may or may not be, he cares about the future of the human race and the state of it now and wants everyone to be in a better than that in which they find themselves. Many of these young Sanders supporters believe that he is the right candidate because he wants good to come to the world for all people. However, any supporter needs to think logically as well. Before “Feeling the Bern”, understand it. 

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