Questions? Answers.

How do I become a Contributor?

The process to become a contributor is easy. Simply review these next steps and then pitch your ideas or submit drafts to 

How do I submit audio or video files?

Great question! Please share it with us via Google Drive. Other audio and video tips can be found here

How often do I need to submit content?

You are welcome to submit at any time and on your schedule. We do not require a minimum or maximum number of submissions.

What date will I get published?

If the piece is time-sensitive, please let us know that in your email. Otherwise, your article will be published on a first come, first serve basis.

What happens after I submit content?

If we’re interested in publishing your piece, an editor will reach back out to you directly as soon as possible.  

Our editorial team will also provides free and thorough editing services, as well as story coaching.

What kind of content are you looking for?

We feature quality, multimedia content. Think: podcasts, web series, short films, articles, journalism and essays, fiction and nonfiction. More on that here

What is “character voice?”

Our staff often writes copy in a voice geared towards our millennial audience. The way we speak to our college friends is often how we write for The Bitter Student.

Can I write “lists”?

TBH, we realize there is a time and place for lists like 5 Tips to Write Better, but we also recognize lists are overused. Try to steer clear from listing your thoughts. Please and many thanks!

Can I post anonymously?

Please send us your submission and depending on the sensitivity level, we will allow it to be posted anonymously. All information and content will be kept anonymous if you mark it as an anonymous submission, regardless if we post it or not. We'll never post without your consent.

Why does The Bitter Student staff write from a non-partisan standpoint, while featuring partisan media from student contributors?

Our staff feels like we should not tell you what to think, so we instead present political news to you in a non-partisan, unbiased way. We’re still able to have the best of both worlds by featuring all sides of the aisle by allowing our contributors to present their opinions and arguments on political matters for you to decide with what to believe.