Next Steps for Written Content

Note: For audio or video files, simply share those with us via Google Drive. More tips on AV submissions here.

  1. Learn – Research and back up your point.

  2. Plan – Organize your thoughts.

  3. Execute – Write your post.

  4. Engage – Promote your article and engage with your audience in the comment section.


Other Steps to becoming a BS Writer (PLEASE FOLLOW ALL STEPS):

  1. Write about a story, topic, or experience. Consider making it personable and include your own unique voice. Length guideline: 300-700 words, or use the “Would I get bored reading this” rule.

  2. Title the post something eye-catching AND googlable. (Creative titles are welcomed and encouraged!)

    • No bueno: Failure

    • Bueno: How to Fail

    • Muy bueno: The Benefits of Failure   
  3. Tag relevant names, schools, topics, and anything else googlable in your post using hyperlinks.

  4. Include a relevant, high-quality featured image.  Body images are optional, but highly encouraged. Remember to credit ALL sources with hyperlinks.

  5. Attach a short bio, headshot, and social media handles in your email to us.

  6. Submit your article to with your last name included in the document. Ex: Smith – The Benefits of Failure

  7. Promote your article after it is published by sharing on social media and engage with your audience in the article's comments section.

Note: This is an exclusive opportunity; not all submissions are published.