Grad Gifts Off-To-Work Students Will Love

 Photo by Jonathan Daniels

Photo by Jonathan Daniels

Making a transition from being a student to becoming a young professional is not easy. It is one of the biggest milestones along the life journey and some are more eager to move on than others. Naturally, as a parent, you want to offer maximum support. A gift is a nice token of appreciation, and it can motivate the kids to have a head start in a professional life and ease their rite of passage. We have compiled a list of great gifts to help you make the call and come up with something to blow them away.

Digital assistant

This one is a perfect choice for tech geeks. Digital assistants like Google Home, Alexa, and Amazon Echo are vastly popular among younger generations.  They streamline daily tasks and activities, be it looking for a piece of news, weather report or a recipe for a delicious dish. The answer is always one voice command away. These marvels of modern technology will make kids feel like true bosses at home and help them cope with the feeling of being an underdog at work.

Professional attire

Graduates searching for a job have to pay attention to the way they look. Casual jeans, T-shirts and leggings no longer cut it. Most workplaces involve proper etiquette when it comes to attire. So, cherry-pick the killer piece and enable them to cut a dash at the job interview. There are many shops that offer nice discounts to college students and graduates. Retailers in the league of Zara are a safe bet as well. If you can afford it, go for a custom, tailored suit, which is a true stunner.

Gift cards

If you have trouble picking a specific gift, do not fret. You can give your kids some freedom to choose. They will surely adore the idea of having a visa prepaid gift card in the pocket. This is a great alternative to just giving cash, which would be a rather lazy choice. Apart from cards that let them purchase products, you can also hand them travel-related gift cards. Support their adventures abroad and give them the experience of their life.


After graduation, it is time to leave the filthy college backpack behind. Let your kids learn the importance of keeping valuables and possessions safe and in an orderly fashion. You might not fancy it, but it is hard to deny the practicality of a good old backpack. For newer models, having a compartment for a laptop is basically a standard, so aim for that. Alternatively, check out commuter bags. There are many practical and cool-looking ones that can serve for years to come.


A watch is more than a time-telling device. It is a lifestyle hallmark that gives off a professional impression. There is no shortage of quality items on the market, so shop around. Digital watches or smartwatches are cool and all, but they do not ooze maturity. On the other hand, you can hardly go wrong with a classic design and a leather band. Keep your eyes open for top-notch brands that are all the rage right now, such as Nixon, Shinola, MVMT, Michael Kors and others.


Like it or not, jewelry remains a graduation gift classic.  Of course, you can either hand down family heirlooms or go on a shopping spree. In the latter case, it might be wise to look for bracelets that kids can wear both during weekends and in the office. Brands like Monica Vinader offer pieces in gold, silver and increasingly popular rose gold. Also consider pendants as they allow you to engrave a personal message or the date of graduation.

LinkedIn Premium Membership

Establishing a strong online presence can help newly minted professionals gain a foothold in the market. LinkedIn is a booming professional network and having a profile there is a must across industry sectors. Using it, your child can connect with other professionals, follow business events and browse alumni. A premium membership unlocks extra features and functions that make a real difference. It costs $30 per month.

Gifts to propel them forward

Graduation is worth celebrating and fresh graduates deserve a reward. You have a chance to both commemorate the moment and make their adult life easier or more awesome. From functional luxuries to amazing tech, there is a myriad of gifts you can take into account. We have singled out some of the most thoughtful ones, but feel free to look beyond them. Put a smile on their face and help them march off with a wind in their sails, with something that reminds them of their parents’ love.

Mia Taylor