A collection of discrete voices, our team resembles our community. Different. Diverse. We are bonded by our rebellious spirits and drive to empower others. 


Samuel Campbell / chief Architect 

Sam is the CEO and Chief Architect of The Bitter Student. He started the content community with a mission to give millennials a voice on issues important to them. He envisioned a space for thought leaders. Sam is also a frequent contributor, and he hopes his words will inspire forthcoming leaders. In his (rare) spare time, his passions include coffee shopping and looking for his next adventure. Yosemite National Park is next on his bucket list. He currently lives in Birmingham, AL and is a senior at Birmingham-Southern College. 

Sam: "Getting out into the world is not only important, but necessary for personal and experiential growth. The end-result is perspective."

Jackson Collier / Editor-in-chief

Jackson serves as a senior executive and editor of The Bitter Student, leading the editorial team. He's majoring in english at the University of Central Arkansas. Jackson, the Hemingway he is, has already penned several short stories and poems. He is also a frequent guest and voice on various blogs and podcasts. His goal is to become a New York Time best-selling author. When Jackson isn't hustling to grow a community or composing his lastest masterpiece, he is a concert-goer and enjoys vacationing in Cabo way too much. 

Jackson: "You can always edit a bad page, but you can never edit a blank page."




Hannah Smith / engagement Director

Hannah is a Jill-of-All trades. She oversees all things Marketing. Among other things, she serves as a representative and voice for her student body on her college's Student Government Association. Hannah is living her best life when she is being thrown into another dimension when tubing at Lake Guntersville. 

Hannah: "See the good in all people, despite differing opinions." 

Dennise Armas / accounting director

Dennise recently graduated magna cum laude with her accounting degree. She now helps us ball on a budget as our Director of Accounting. She is a fashionista at heart and good at all of the things. Dennise is a proud DACA student, who frequently contributes on this vital issue.

Dennise: "Dreamers are welcome here."

Ashu Mukkavilli / Managing Editor

Ashu is a globetrotter, who is always posting her travels on the Gram. She is a lighthearted individual, but also someone who has a fire in the belly to make a difference in the world. She often voices her opinions on political and cultural diversity issues. She currently oversees our editorial processes and is a third year in college.

Ashu: "Don't be a bystander. Instead, be a voice." 

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